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IP investigations in Indonesia

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IP investigations in Indonesia

Our IP investigators in Indonesia have world class IP Due Diligence Investigations services in Indonesia. Our IP Due diligence investigators work with a strategy to discover the location and trace of the target for commencing the investigation to confirm the use of counterfeit products and services in different parts of Indonesia. This kind of precision helps us in centralizing our investigative procedures to have the total information about the targets to have effective investigation or raids. Our supreme strategies help us to offer the best services to resolve major problem in protecting the brands and defending the IP rights of brand owners in different parts on Indonesia.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations in Indonesia

Our experts have personalize anti counterfeiting investigation services to protect the brands by and removing the probabilities of having the losses to IP rights due to huge counterfeiting in various parts of Indonesia. Our effective IP investigations in Indonesia offer numerous options to protect the brands from unexpected attack of counterfeiters who wait for a chance to cause the serious damage to Intellectual property in the parts of Indonesia. We work in manner to secure your brands by making the effective strategy to protect your growing brands.

Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement, GI Mark & Copyright Violation Issues Investigations in Indonesia

Trademarks, patent, design, GI mark are the best processes of effective IP investigations in Indonesia which are generously rendered by our great IP investigators in Indonesia to protect your GI property which is considered to be property of real owner which is projected to used by counterfeiters for creating the counterfeit products . We are acting as the perfect source for rendering the highly innovative IP investigation services to protect the GI brands in Indonesia. Our advanced investigations are covering the wide ranges of counterfeiting of products which includes copyright, trademark abd patent issues in all parts of Indonesia.

Parallel Trade / Grey Market Investigations in Indonesia

Our professionals provide total IP protection by deliberately involving in majority of cases to find the chains of grey marketing and parallel trade growing for encouraging the Counterfeiting of products in Indonesia. Our investigators find the exact ways and right direction to observe the entire activities carried out by counterfeiters for catching them on the spot by using the best investigative skills .It is our all time endeavor to have the unique strategy to for inventing latest processes for grey market investigations in Indonesia with distinct features to have the effective control in enlarging the investigations.

Counterfeited Spare Parts & Pharma-Drugs Investigations in Indonesia

It is quite evident to have the damaged caused by the counterfeited drugs and automobile parts which have been seriously affected the life of many and culminated the major industry all across Indonesia. Our experienced IP investigators provide the perfect investigation and concluded reports on counterfeited drugs and Automobile parts manufactured in the territory of Indonesia.

Market Surveys / Market Intelligence Report in Indonesia

Our IP investigators in Indonesia observe the entire market for getting the proof for the counterfeited products through market Survey/Market intelligence. Our investigators watch out entire markets for analyzing the sale and distribution of counterfeited products. We have the investigators to secure the brand or product which is effectively monitored in every market situation in due course of time to have effective investigations for having the reliable market intelligence report with up dated information.

Custom Protection in Indonesia

Custom protection in Indonesia is the superior activity of our IP investigators to provide the protection on the airport and sea customs of Indonesia. This provides the necessary protection on the customs by confiscating or not allowing the clients product to pass through customs for exporting and importing the items without permission of Brand owners in Indonesia. It is our endeavor to provide the necessary information of client products on every custom point in various ports in Indonesia.

Mysterious Samples / Test Purchase in Indonesia

Our investigators render the great IP investigation services in Indonesia to get the mysterious samples and test purchases to collect evidences of counterfeit products for all type of brand holders in Indonesia. We have greater skills and intelligent ways to carry out such missions discreetly for having the mysterious purchasing of samples in order to nab the counterfeiters in Indonesia.

Vendor Information in Indonesia

Our experts offer the best services to protect the IP rights thoroughly. As the brand owner, it is all time responsibility of brand owners to establish the credibility of all type of vendors for selling or distributing the products. The ignorance on the part of vendors many cause the huge loss due to involvement in various counterfeiting activities. We have the best processes to provide the total information on vendors for updating the records and whereabouts of vendor in Indonesia.

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